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 *He went to Nanjing ______ October, 2008.A.in 2017-05-26
 *He worked hard. ________, he won the first 2017-05-26
 *They looked disappointed because they didnt 2017-05-26
 *______ of money spent on the bridge.A.A lar 2017-05-26
 *The wrong you have done him is terrible, ___ I thi 2017-05-25
 *____________in his school that many of his fans wa 2017-05-25
 *Thinking of his cousin, who was killed in the traf 2017-05-25
 *Weve been looking for cheap houses but havent fo 2017-05-25
 *Its said that he started his own firm when he was 2017-05-25
 *The strategies that Tom came up with worked out 2017-05-25
 *We have ______ our sports meeting till next Monday 2017-05-25
 *________ on real ice is very exciting.A.SkateB.Ska 2017-05-25
 *Why, you look stressed out!A.exhausted 2017-05-25
 *When I cant work out a problem,I often ask 2017-05-25
 *___ Mary is sleepy, she insists on finishing her h 2017-05-25
 *Not far from the school there was a garden 2017-05-25
 *He has to finish the experiment today. He must be 2017-05-25
 *______ at the news that his eyes rained tears 2017-05-25
 *I went to bed very late last night, ______, early 2017-05-25
 *The trains___ the travellers who want to go to 2017-05-25
 *I _________ at that time last Sunday.A.read 2017-05-25
 *Stress can be extremely damaging to your health 2017-05-25
 *Chinese handwriting is an important part of our cu 2017-05-25
 *He returned home safe and sound after a fierce bat 2017-05-25
 *Im so excited. I cant __________ visit the Summe 2017-05-25
 *Yesterday, Uncle Green arrived _____ Paris.A.atB.i 2017-05-25
 *Do the poor have enough houses ______?A.liveB. 2017-05-25
 *Little Tom is an orphan.ߣߣߣߣ,he has to 2017-05-25
 *He is always clever. I wonder how it_____that he 2017-05-25
 *____Whites are spending their holiday in Hawaii 2017-05-25
 *One of the few things you ___ say 2017-05-25
 *Most villagers agree that horses are far more plea 2017-05-25
 *We have lessons _____ 7.30 a.m ______ 11.30 2017-05-24
 *I believe __ you, so I believe __ what you said.A. 2017-05-24
 *We must ________ our task, however hard it is.A.ca 2017-05-24
 *Read it aloud _____ the class can hear you.A.so th 2017-05-24
 *The hungry man eats his food _______he hadn ' t 2017-05-24
 *If you take sleeping pills for a long time, you wi 2017-05-24
 *Then came a terrible thunder ________ the sudde 2017-05-24
 *She seems to prefer American TV Shows to 2017-05-24
 *I found the raincoat where I had 2017-05-24
 *The staff(T) of the school ______to the experts 2017-05-24
 *I _______ rather than sit there doing nothing 2017-05-24
 *Thinking that the students were having an evening 2017-05-24
 *Sales of their new video has ______ one million do 2017-05-24
 *What about _____ for a walk after dinner 2017-05-24
 *Always the old lady ______ sit for hours doing 2017-05-24
 *__________I understand you, I cant agree with you 2017-05-24
 *As time went on, Lucy began to wonder if John 2017-05-24
 *I don't think the charge for overhauling 2017-05-24
 *Ladies and gentlemen! Please ___.A.take 2017-05-24
 *It will be five years ______ we meet again.A.since 2017-05-23
 *I cant remember how many years ago 2017-05-23
 *You wont know whether the coat fits you until you 2017-05-23
 *Sitting cross-legged in a manner in which the 2017-05-23
 *Many people like that poor boy, because he is 2017-05-23
 *The key ____ for opening the door of the room 2017-05-23
 *The interview he paid little attention to _____ hi 2017-05-23
 *These workers will build a hospital in our town, 2017-05-23
 *Some people waste food________other 2017-05-23
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